Introducing a new and efficient way to keep journals with

Everyone needs a place where you can be honest with yourself, and record events, experience and fleeting moments that happened in life.

But keeping a journal is not that easy. Have you ever tried to keep a journal and failed? Wants to record daily memories but it can't last for a month...


Because we are busy, it's difficult to take time out at a fixed time for journaling. And when you recall events and ideas of the day, the fleeting moments are gone. Once you miss a day, you will miss the second time, then you probably will never come back again.

In other words, journaling becomes a burden rather than a habit as time passes.

So you need to find the right tool to help you record what's happened in daily life, in an easy way.

What is JournalFlow?

JournalFlow is a platform that allows users to write journals from their favorite messaging apps, such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger or email. Just like chatting with a friend.

Support Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Email at the moment

Currently, we support the following messengers:

  • Telegram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Email (Inspired by Ohlife)

* Whatsapp, Line, and more app support is coming soon.

Support texts / photos / emojis and locations in journal

JournalFlow makes keeping a journal easy, simply send your thoughts and feelings to our bot in your messenger, at any time, anywhere. You don't have to write at a fixed time, once you come up with an idea, just send it. And no matter which platforms you are using, app, desktop or web browser, it works.

Unleash the power of messaging apps

Our goal is to make it easy for users to record and remember things happened in their life.

In order to achieve this goal, JournalFlow adds the following features:

  • Multiple Formats: Don't limit by texts. You can add photos, locations, moods in your journal. Audio and video support are coming soon.
  • Mood Calendar: Looking back at your mood over the long-term, find out whether you need to change something in your life.
  • Time Machine: Bring back your best memories.
  • ...
Express your mood with emoji, then view it in a calendar view

Journaling is not only a great way to record life experiences, but also a way to learn from it. It’s a fun way to remind yourself what happened in the past, and how far you’ve come.

This is just the start, much more will follow. Subscribe on our newsletter for updates.  

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