Photo by Drew Beamer / Unsplash.

Keeping a diary can be a great way to record your thoughts and stay in touch with yourself. JournalFlow makes it super easy to start a diary. Only 4 steps needed.

JournalFlow currently supports write a diary in Telegram, Facebook Messenger or Email. More messaging app support is coming soon, you can subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Step 1

Sign up an account on You can sign up with Telegram, Facebook Messenger or Email, the service you signed up with will used for writing a diary in the future. We offer a 30-day free trial for every user.

Step 2

After you signed up, you'll get a bot address. You can find it on the account page.

Step 3

Open your Telegram on any platform your messaging app support, iOS / Android / Mac / Windows or web browser.

Send messages to the bot, the messages will be saved as your diary.

Step 4

That's all. You can check or manage your diary on


  • You can write a diary like this at any time.
  • You can send text / image / location / emoji in your journal. The last emoji will be saved as the mood of that day.
  • Our bot will send a reminder to your telegram account around 9 PM. You can turn it off on the settings page.
  • Whatsapp, and Line and more app support is coming soon.

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