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Several years ago, I was a user of a journal product named ‘Ohlife’. It works quite simple: Ohlife send you an email each night, and you reply the email, then the content will be your journal of the day. Ohlife creates a brand new way to write journals, it makes writing journals much easier and less stressful, I kept writing about 1000 journals until it had shut down in 2014.  

We also want to build something that can help people remember things happened in their life, so we make JournalFlow. JournalFlow allows users to write journals from their favorite messaging apps, including Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and email. What you send to our bot will be your journal of the day, just like chatting with a friend.  

Currently we support text, image, location (exclude email channel), and mood. Whatsapp, Line and more app support is coming soon. Subscribe on our website for JournalFlow updates.

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