Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is JournalFlow?
    JournalFlow is a platform that allows users to write journals from their favorite messaging apps, such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger or email.
  • What is a channel in JournalFlow?
    A channel is a connection between JournalFlow and messaging apps.
  • What are the channels that JournalFlow supports?
    JournalFlow supports Telegram, Facebook Messenger and email currently.
  • What is a moment in JournalFlow?
    A moment is a journal entry.
  • What are the journal types that JournalFlow supports?
    We currently support text, image, location (exclude email channel), and mood. More support is coming soon.
  • What is the mood in JournalFlow?
    The mood is represented by a single emoji. The last emoji in a message will be saved as your mood. You can check your mood calendar on the mood page.


  • What if I forgot to write the journal days ago?
    Don't worry, you can create journals on different days on
  • Does JournalFlow support Whatsapp / Line / Viber, etc.?
    Not yet. You can subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter for product updates.
  • How to turn off the journal reminder?
    You can do it on the settings page.
  • Why doesn't the reminder work?
    Due to user experience concern and some technical limit by messaging apps, the reminder will be inactive if you stop writing journals for several continuous days. To reactivate the reminder, just write a new journal through the channel you use.
  • Where to find the bot address?
    You can find it on your account page.
  • Can I use multiple channels at the same time?
    Currently, you can only use the channel that you logged in with.
  • Can I export my journal?
    Of course. Check out this blog post to find out how.

Privacy & Security

  • Can I share my journal?
    Yes and no. We don’t offer a shareable link of a journal for privacy concerns, but we will offer a simple tool for generating an image card from your journal, so you can decide the way you share.
  • How secure is JournalFlow?
    We take the security of your data very seriously. Check security page for more details.


  • Can I try JournalFlow for free?
    Yes. We offer a 30-day free trial for every user. Start here.
  • How much does JournalFlow cost?
    Check our pricing page.
  • What will happen if I cancel my subscription?
    Your data is yours. Even if you cancel your subscription and your account is read-only, you can still sign in to to view and manage your existing journal.


Check contact page.