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  • Any amazing moment happen?
  • Which friend do you miss most?
  • What're you grateful for today?
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No new app needed. JournalFlow currently supports Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Email. Learn how JournalFlow works.

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Wanna journal on your iPhone / Android / Mac / PC? No problem. If your messaging app has an app on that platform, you can write a journal on that.

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Don't limit by text. You can add photos, locations, moods in your journal. Audio and video support are coming soon.

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Track Your Mood

Express with an emoji

Remember the mood of the day

It’s simple. Just send an emoji in chat or choose one on the web app. It also can be used to track weather, food, exercise, etc.

Mood calendar

All your moods will be organized into a calendar. It's easy to glance the trends of your life.

Time Machine

Bring back your best memories

Look back

You can use our web app to view all your journals. It’s a fun way to remind yourself what happened in the past, and how far you’ve come.

Smart reminder

JournalFlow will remind you these memories in a smart way, like an anniversary.


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You can list / view / edit / delete journals on

Write different day entry

If someday's journal is forgotten, don't worry. You can fix it on


The statistic about your journal will help you know yourself better, even build new habits.